Gmail to Salesforce - Attach your email to Salesforce in a couple of clicks

Extension for Google Chrome that integrates your Gmail inbox with Salesforce.

This extension adds a button to your Gmail page that allows to easily attach your received and/or send emails to Salesforce Objects in a couple of clicks.

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Using the Gmail To Salesforce extension is very easy. Just install it as any other Google Chrome extension, authorize it, and use it.

Step 1. Install the Extension

Install the extension from the official Chrome Web Store.

Step 2. Authorize Salesforce

Go to chrome://extensions and search for Gmail to Salesforce. Click on Options and authorize either your Production or Sandbox account.

Extension Options Extension Options

Step 3. Attach your email to Salesforce

Now when you go to your Gmail, you'll see a Blue Button on your email. Click it and you'll see all your available Salesforce Objects. Select the ones that you want to attach your email to, and follow the instructions.

Extension Options
Extension Options
Extension Options
Extension Options

Build from Source

To build this project you'll need to install Bower and Grunt:

$ npm install -g bower
$ npm install -g grunt-cli

Once you finish setting up your environment, install the required dependencies

$ npm install
$ bower install

And build the project (WIP)

$ grunt build

Running from Source

To run the extension on Google Chrome:

Go to chrome://extensions
Click on "Load unpacked extension..."
Select the directory of the project


Run Karma

$ karma start